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Success Stories

"Working with Tonya was the best decision I could have ever made for my health!"

"Before working with Tonya I was constantly struggling with my weight. It seemed like no matter what I did my weight steadily crept upward. I followed every rule of the multiple diets that I tried and I exercised religiously. Nonetheless, my weight kept climbing. I read books, asked friends for advice, and counted every calorie but nothing I did seemed to help. Even running 6 miles a week while following a vegan diet didn’t help! It was really discouraging to be working so hard and not seeing any results. I felt hopeless and out of control. After a year and a half of this I decided to try another approach and that is when I met Tonya. I’ll admit that after trying so many different approaches and working so hard with zero results I was worried that I would fail at this too. I’m so glad I was wrong. Working with Tonya was the best decision I could have ever made for my health! When we started I was 138 lbs, constantly hungry, and addicted to soda. In eight months I was back to my high school weight of 119 lbs, had more self confidence, and was healthier than I have ever been in my life. I truly never would have believed I was capable of all that she helped me achieve. I loved working with Tonya because of her holistic approach. She is unbelievably positive and just a joy to be around. If I was criticizing myself or was just feeling down Tonya was quick to remind me about all I had accomplished. She gave me the support I needed to keep going. I always left feeling good and confident in myself after our sessions. I highly recommend Tonya and her program. If you’ve ever struggled with weight loss, are tired of diets and counting calories, or just want to get healthy this program is great! I recommend you try it. You won’t regret it."


/// Katie Layne

"Tonya combines nutritional guidance with introspective work, which allows the client to really focus in on their needs, which leads to great personal success!"

"Working with Tonya has been an eye-opening experience.  She has given me such confidence in decision making when it comes to major and minor lifestyle choices.  In today's society where we are bombarded with advertisements telling us which choices are "healthy" and "guilt free", it is easy to forget that one's diet and lifestyle should be catered to their own needs, not that of the general population.  With Tonya's guidance, I have made dietary and lifestyle changes that are catered to my own personal needs and the results are abundant.  I have experienced more energy, better moods and a much healthier diet since working with Tonya.  This program has altered my life in a great way and I look forward to making more positive adjustments to my lifestyle.

Tonya combines nutritional guidance with introspective work, which allows the client to really focus in on their needs, which leads to great personal success.  I only wish that everybody had the opportunity to work with Tonya and discover the best lifestyle choices for them."


///Elizabeth May

"Working with Tonya has been one of the most rewarding and game changing things in my life."

“I was never the type of person that struggled with my weight or my mood. I’d been an athlete all my life, so working out and staying fit came natural to me. I’d also always been a glass half full type of person, so I maintained a pretty positive attitude on a daily basis. But, then one day I woke up and I was over 40 pounds heavier than I’d ever been in my life! Sure, the 70 hour work weeks and passing of my Mom and both maternal Grandparents within 15 months probably contributed somehow... But, I found myself sinking in a hole with no purpose and no fight. That’s when I found Tonya and she has helped me to feel like ME again!


Working with Tonya has been one of the most rewarding and game changing things in my life. I know it probably sounds like I’m one of those people on a crazy infomercial for the greatest blender on Earth - but I’m being truly honest, Tonya is AMAZING! :)Working with Tonya has helped me to take better care of myself and make myself a priority. Through her, I have learned to nourish all parts of my life, not just by eating better (which has been an incredible change in itself!) but also of being aware of how the other things in my life contribute to my well being - work, stress, relationships, personal goals, etc.


Tonya has opened my eyes to delicious and nutritious food that fuels my body and gives me the energy to tackle the day - where as before I would rely on soda and energy drinks to get me through. With Tonya’s support and encouragement I’m eating better (and loving it!), enjoying workouts again and feeling great! My clothes fit better and I’m regaining my energy and drive which have given me the confidence to feel human again!I honestly don’t know where I’d be without Tonya. She’s inspired and encouraged me to be the best ME I can be and my heart is finally happy again. It is a wonderful feeling to be hopeful about the future again. I have found the courage and confidence to look to the future with hope and opportunity to live to my potential.  THANK YOU TONYA!!! “

/// Jen Hirata

"Working with Tonya has been one of the best gifts I've ever given myself."

"Before working with Tonya I was struggling to understand why I kept yo-yoing with my weight.  For many years, I had wrestled with the same 15 pounds, but had mostly been successful at maintaining a desirable weight.  But as I reached my 50s, the weight control strategies I’d used for years were no longer working.

I did have hesitations about signing up for this program because it was a significant financial investment and I didn’t know if I would experience lasting change.  However, by doing Tonya's program, I have learned how to eat right….REALLY eat right….not depriving or dieting, but just learning how and what to eat that provides what my body really needs.  And the benefits have been far greater than just weight control – I have more energy, I sleep better, I have more patience with life’s day to day challenges.

The best part of this for me was that Tonya let me accept changes at my own pace and ability; she accepted my pushback at times but never veered from our ultimate goals.  She didn’t push a cookie cutter approach, but encouraged me to embrace the principles of healthy eating into my own lifestyle.

When looking back at the moment I made the decision to do this for yourself, I feel thankful that I found Tonya and committed to taking this step of learning.  I highly recommend this program if you've struggled with weight control, feeling tired all the time, discouragement – it’s amazing how learning to eat really healthy can change so many things in your life.

Working with Tonya has been one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself.  I experience so many things differently because of the time we spent together."


/// Teresa Gilbert

"I got the best compliment I could ever get on Christmas Day. I sat next to my Dad and he looked at me and said, 'You look really good, keep up the good work!' He never gives out compliments so it makes it all that much more special."


"I approached Tonya because I have never been a "dieter" but I needed to lose weight because according to the charts, I was way over weight.  I didn't know what to expect, but meeting with Tonya every two weeks for 6 months and learning about all the foods I should be eating didn't sound too hard.  

I was going through a lot of changes in my life.  Part of Tonya's program is not just looking at what you eat but looking at your life as a whole.  She spent time asking questions and then just sitting back and listening. This helped me to talk things out and discover what was actually causing me to make bad choices. 

Through the process, I have made many positive changes in my life, including weight loss and I am still losing! I am more aware of what I eat and I am making better choices not only in the store and at home but when I go out to eat as well.  It is so nice to eat the right foods and walk away from the table being satisfied and having more energy to get things done each day.
I absolutely loved the process and I am sad it's over but I am confident that I have made so many positive changes in my life and I will continue to make even more."

I got the best compliment I could ever get on Christmas Day.  I sat next to my dad and he looked at me and said, 'you look really good.  Keep up the good work'.  He never gives out compliments so it makes it all that much more special!  I will always be grateful to Tonya for helping me change my view on the food I eat as well as how my whole life plays a part in it."

/// Denise Kennedy

"Tonya really made a difference for me, as well as my family. Her impact goes well beyond making healthy food choices. I ended up making more time for myself to come up for air everyday."

Tonya's approach focuses on overall health and wellness and achieving a more balanced life.  I cannot emphasize enough how much I benefited from the latter point.

As a business owner and a mother of two, all I can say is Tonya came along at the right time. She is genuine, caring and encouraging.  I highly recommend Tonya as a Health Coach!  


It would be impossible not to benefit from her service. Even for a skeptic like me that thought I was beyond a cure.  Thank you Tonya!"

/// Lisa Brinley

"I found balance and it's amazing!"

"Before working with Tonya, my son Ethan, age 5, was having a lot of asthma issues.  The stress was so overwhelming and it was an extremely emotional time for me.  I was exhausted and physically my son was suffering.  As a mother you want the best for your child, but do we really know what that is?  I was at a stand still with his diet and not knowing it at the time.  My diet and emotional well being was suffering too.  I was reaching for all the wrong foods, wrong emotions and literally wrong everything.  Tonya turned all of this around for both of us!

My first initial hesitation was how is "this program" really going to help Ethan and I?  Is this worth my time and commitment?  Since working with Tonya, Ethan has made a dramatic difference with his asthma flare ups.  We are missing less school and he is so happy!  He knows what is good for him and he makes the right choices on his own.  For me, I found how to take charge of my feelings and emotions and am able to make good choices.  I am an emotional eater and an emotional wine drinker so now, instead of grabbing something I shouldn't, I hear Tonya's voice in my head.  I take a step back and ask myself, "Is this making me happy?"  If it doesn't, then I take control of my choices.

Learning how to accept who I am and accepting that I didn't give Ethan asthma was the best part of this for me.  The day Tonya told me that it wasn't my fault was the first time I heard those words.  It was difficult being so vulnerable but because of that day, something changed in me.  I found peace.  I cook more, I drink herbal tea and I eat foods that I would have never eaten before.  I also take more time for me without feeling guilty.  I found balance and it's amazing!

When I look back on the moment I made the decision to do this for myself, I feel joyfull and I feel even better for knowing Tonya and having her in my life.  I highly recommend this program if you've struggled with any kind of illness, emotional stress, and weight loss concerns.  If you are not feeling balanced then this is the program for you.  Tonya is amazing!"


/// Erika Irace

"Not only is her program awesome, but she is a delight to work with."

"When I connected with Tonya I was overwhelmed and overworked, physically, mentally and emotionally drained.  After looking into several different options I connected with Tonya.  We met for a consultation and I knew this is what I needed, not only guidance to a healthier eating style, but also guidance to feeling and being the “old me”!  At our first meeting I arrived feeling nervous…not sure what to expect.  By the second meeting I arrived with a smile on my face!  Each time we met there was progress made and my happiness was back.  Tonya gave me the tools I needed to manage whatever comes my way and to let go of the aftermath of these issues.  I sincerely recommend Tonya to anyone wanting to get back on track. Not only is her program awesome, but she is a delight to work with."


/// Adele Brown

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